Craft Beer

Day Trip Pale Ale

This is l believe a new release from Banks Brewing my first impression is a bitter, fruity taste up front, with a slightly smooth finish in a medium body feel.

Cryo Mountain IPA

My first ever craft beer from @beerfarm initial impression is a crisp stone fruit feel on my palate, with a bunch of hops, rounding of with a subtle bitter finish.

Deregulate Tapioca

Beautiful hazy pale ale, hoppy, smooth, tropical feel, pineapple present, medium body feel, very enjoyable indeed, BRU-1, Eclipse & Citra Cryo packed into this one.

Crossfade Hazy IPA

My second beer from Shape Shifter Brewing Co and l am very pleased with what l am tasting, a smooth, malt feel up front, with a hoppy and slightly bitter back end, very easy on the palate that is for sure, all in a medium body feel.

Midnight Sun New Age NEIPA

Straight out of the can a pleasant fruity aroma hits your sensors, hoppy and smooth feel delights my palate, this is one superb NEIPA, one to drink slowly and enjoy, l will be getting more of this one that is for sure, hops used are Sitiva, Talus, Strata, Nectaron & Bru-1.

Get On The Bo Gurks

This a new release from Bojak Brewing and its right up my alley, punchy, dry hoppy taste, fruity, and a little bitter, love it. I believe it is a collaboration with @bogurks a new venue to drink craft beers and enjoy great food, going check them out.

Hive Mind

I have never had a bad beer from Deeds Brewing, and this is no exception, Hive Mind DDH IPA is a limited release, stone fruit is present on the palate, which lingers for the whole mouthful, a medium body feel, makes this one very delightful craft beer.

Valhalla Pale Ale

This is my second try of a Valhalla Brewing craft beer, and it is a real treat in their pale ale, stone fruit hits the palate straight way, with a lovely pine finish, all wrapped up in a medium body feel, defiantly getting this one again.