Craft Beer

A crisp, sweet and malty taste up front, with a little bitter, hoppy back end, all in a medium body feel, hoping to try more from Siren soon.

Yellow Brick Road

Another amazing craft beer from Mountain Culture Beer Co, Yellow Brick Road, a lovely NEIPA, big hoppy &  fruity punch up front, with a velvet smooth afterglow, all in a medium body feel.

Out Of Hand 3

Bojak Brewing is one of my favourite local breweries, today I am trying out Out of Hand DDH Pale Ale, with a nice hoppy bang up front, and a smooth juicy feel, this is one very easy to drink craft beers.

No Regerts

Liberty Brewing Co, No Regerts NZ Hazy IPA, this is my first craft beer from them and I really enjoyed it, hoppy, with tropical fruit burst and just a bit tangy, going to get this one again.

Pipe Dream

Mountain Culture, Pipe Dream DDH IPA, smooth, fruity, juicy with a nice little hop feel to remind you it is an IPA, and so well balanced, with a light body feel to boot out an outstanding craft beer, yet to have a dude craft beer from Mountain Culture.


Hop Nations Dreamfeed Hazy IPA is an old favourite, and one of their core craft beers, it is hoppy, juicy, and smooth on the palate, all in a medium body feel, very easy to drink.

Steep N Deep

Once again I am on my journey of re discovering IPA’s, which is my all time favourite craft beer style, this is a brand new release from Wolf Of The Willows, Steep N Deep, West Coast IIPA, a big whack of hops up front, with a little bit of a tropical fruit, malty bottom end, …

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