Craft Beer

Wayward IPA

First beer for today is Wayward Brewing Co India Pale Ale, a West Coast IPA, the can says hoppy and well balanced, and I have to agree, hoppy & bitter up frontwith a smooth finish that is delightful, all in a light to medium body feel, a bigthumbs up from me, easily a daily craft …

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Goblin Warlord

Trying out Tallboy & Moose Goblin Warlord Cryo IPA, 440ml can, 7.5%ABV.First impression is it had a bitter initial burst, which followed through with a slightlymalt feel at the back end, not a bad drop indeed, Im giving this one the thumbs up.

Batch – 02 ?

This is from what I can find out a limited edition release from Bright Breweryno real information about its style, just a story on the can saying they are continuingthe mystery, anyway that aside, I found it very fruity & sweet, and to be honest it did not grab me, but maybe it will appeal …

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Checking out Dainton Overdrive West Coast IPA, hoppy & bitter up front but not over powering, had a fruity element as well, the taste did tapper off at the back end, has an IBU rating of 60.

Korben DIPA

First beer for today is Akasha Brewing, Korben Double IPA, 8.5% ABV in a 375ml can, has an explosion of hops straight away with a medium body feel, and a bitter finish, really enjoyed this one.