Midnight Sun New Age NEIPA

Straight out of the can a pleasant fruity aroma hits your sensors, hoppy and smooth feel delights my palate, this is one superb NEIPA, one to drink slowly and enjoy, l will be getting more of this one that is for sure, hops used are Sitiva, Talus, Strata, Nectaron & Bru-1.

Chlorophyll More Like Borophyll

Chlorophyll More Like Borophyll, DDH Hazy IPA from Jetty Road Brewery is is a mouth full to pronounce, but certainly easy on the palate, big hoppy punch up front, fruity (a little peach like) that rounds off with a smooth back end, all in a medium body feel, really loving this one.


favThis is my first craft beer from Shape Shifter Brewing Co, Incandescent Red IPA is a superb drop, bitter and some what dank upfront, with a crisp dry back end, and pine notes, one of the best Red IPA’s I have ever had.

Party Hunch

Has a punchy hoppy dry taste on my palate, that follows through to the back end, packed with cryo pop & simcoe hops, this is one delightful craft beer.


Hop Nations Dreamfeed Hazy IPA is an old favourite, and one of their core craft beers, it is hoppy, juicy, and smooth on the palate, all in a medium body feel, very easy to drink.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Hazy IPA from Akasha Brewing Co is an absolute delight, smooth up front, a slightly bitter back end, and a truck load of juiciness, definitely one that is easy to smash down, I will be getting more of this one that is for sure, well worth a 5 out of 5, so go …

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Where Dreams Go To Die

This is a limited release collaboration DDH DIPA from Mr Banks & Mountain Culture, and man is it a ripper, smooth as silk on the palate, juicy and easy to drink, all in a medium body feel, so grab it while you can.

Inner Vision

Outstanding DDH Hazy IPA from Wolf Of The Willows in Mordialloc, hoping this will become part of their core range. Very easy to smash down that is for sure, if you like this, also check out their IPA, one of the first craft beers I ever had.