Day Trip Pale Ale

This is l believe a new release from Banks Brewing my first impression is a bitter, fruity taste up front, with a slightly smooth finish in a medium body feel.

Deregulate Tapioca

Beautiful hazy pale ale, hoppy, smooth, tropical feel, pineapple present, medium body feel, very enjoyable indeed, BRU-1, Eclipse & Citra Cryo packed into this one.

Get On The Bo Gurks

This a new release from Bojak Brewing and its right up my alley, punchy, dry hoppy taste, fruity, and a little bitter, love it. I believe it is a collaboration with @bogurks a new venue to drink craft beers and enjoy great food, going check them out.

Hive Mind

I have never had a bad beer from Deeds Brewing, and this is no exception, Hive Mind DDH IPA is a limited release, stone fruit is present on the palate, which lingers for the whole mouthful, a medium body feel, makes this one very delightful craft beer.

Zamba Squeeze

Zamba Squeeze Hazy IPA is a HS-Zamba hop blend (not heard of this one before), first impression is a smooth fruity, hoppy bomb that stays with you to the back end, in a medium body feel to round off a delightful hazy.

Chlorophyll More Like Borophyll

Chlorophyll More Like Borophyll, DDH Hazy IPA from Jetty Road Brewery is is a mouth full to pronounce, but certainly easy on the palate, big hoppy punch up front, fruity (a little peach like) that rounds off with a smooth back end, all in a medium body feel, really loving this one.

Rate Of Play DDH IPA

Another quality craft beer from Banks Brewing, Rate Of Play DDH IPA, on my palete it was crisp, dry, hoppy with a bitter back end, this is limited edition and maybe hard to find.